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Date: 15-12-2017

Simbolos Patrios


Different classification of Certificates offered

• Legal Constitution.

• Existence and Operations.

• Change of Legal Name.

• Liquidation.

To obtain a Foreign Company Certificate

• Before issuing one of the above mentioned certificates we will need to:

    • Review and verify the documents provided

    • You need to forward us the original documents and a copy.

    • Once approved me will issue three originals of Certificate of Foreign Company.  The first one will be issued in favor of the applicant; the second one will be forwarded to the Department of Internal Audit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and, the third will remain in the consular archives.

    • The foreign who will be acting as legal representative of the foreign company in Ecuador will be also required to obtain a visa and will need to register in the local Chamber of Commerce.

Information required from the applicant

The consular officer will request the following information:

    - Names and surnames
    - Gender
    - Civil Status
    - Place and date of birth
    - Nationality
    - Government issue identification card or document
    - Position in the company
    - Classification of certificate
    - Documentation requested

Information required from the company

The consular officer will request the following information:

    - Legal name of the company
    - Former name (if applicable)
    - Country of Constitution
    - Date of constitution
    - Date of liquidation (if applicable
    - Register number
    - Date of Register
    - Legal address
    - Summary of business activities
    - Name of the Legal Representative
    - Company bylaws or letter certifying the appointment of the Legal Representative
    - Summary of the reasons behind the liquidation of the company (if applicable)
    - Company bylaws certifying that the Board has authorized operations overseas
    - Name of Legal Representative in Ecuador

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