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Date: 15-12-2017

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Plants and Pets

How to bring to Ecuador Pets and/or Plants that Travel with you

• The pet must be a domestic animal that lives in the same home as their owner.

• If you plan to travel to Ecuador we would suggest to contact the airline to determine the requirements and other conditions established for this purposes.

• Ecuadorian citizen or foreigner who resides in Ecuador and travel back, may travel with his/her pets or plants.

Requirement to travel with pet

- Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian stating the good health conditions of the pet and vaccination; which must be legalized by the Consular Section.

- Sterilized pet travel cage, box or container.

Requirement to travel with plant.-

- Phyto-sanitary certificate legalized by the Consular Section.

- Sterilized box or container

Consular Fee: US$ 50

Please remember that the Consular Section of the Embassy is allow to only accept cash or a money order payable to its order, charged for the legalization of the required documents



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