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Date: 15-12-2017

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The institutions of charity in Ecuador that show the quality of Foundations and that wish to be benefitiaries of the exemptions under Art 27, literal "V", of the Statutory Customs' Law, must produce the following requirements:

    - Legal registry
    Must be properly registered and qualified in the Ministry as Social Welfare.

    - Statutes
    Which are the bylaws approved by the Ministry of Social Welfare, indicating their social objectives, as well as full name of their legal representatives, with appointments' especification.

    - Shipment Authorization
    To previously ask the Ecuadorian Customs Corporation's District Management, the shipment authorization of items for donation by the charity organizations abroad, enclosing, statute of the institution, staff appointments and legal representatives, plus the inventory of the container to be donated, which has to match the social objectives of the foundation.

    - Request of exemption
    After the issuance of shipment authorization by the District Management of the Ecuadorian Customs Corporation, the Foundation must ask for exonerations by fulfilling the following requirements:.

    (Note: The beneficiary is responsible to pay customs' clearance fees. )


    - The detailed listing of the donated items, properly legalized by the Consulate of Ecuador in the country of origin of the donation, where the name of the institution benefited from the donation has be clearly specified, as well as the name of the donnor, and the signature of its legal representative, document that will have to be notarized in accordance to the law of the country of the donation's origin.

    - The original of the shipment authorization granted by the District Management of the Ecuador Customs Corporation, that by no means can be dated later than the donation shipment.

    - Have subscribed the agreement of cooperation with some institution of the State, that it has affinity with the social objectives of the foundation.

    - To be subject to obligatory physical gauging of the donated merchandise, from the customs authorities.

Explanatory Note:

There will be no tax exemption for dnations of vehicles, except when they are for special uses, such as ambulances, clinical or radiological vehicles, library cars, firemen cars and whenever their function is compatible with the activity of the beneficiary.

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