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Date: 15-12-2017

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Importing a vehicle to Ecuador and temporary access

Requirements and conditions for importing a vehicle

  • According to the Official Registry No. 157 of Thursday 28 of August of 2003 by means of Resolution No. 203 of the COMEXI indicate that the following text is eliminated in Resolution 184 of the COMEXI in its literal a): "to previous the immediate year", this means that the year model of the vehicle must be of the present year or following year to the present year.
  • To make the verification in origin with one of the checkers
  • To obtain the Certificate of Quality of the INEN.
  • To obtain the Good Sight in a bank correspondent of the Central bank of Ecuador.
  • To make the proceeding of nationalization with a customs agent.

The applicable taxes for their vehicle would be as long as it fulfills the requirements before mentioned.

  • ADVALOREM 35.0%
    FODINFA   0.5%
    * IVA 12.0%
    ICE  5.15%

Further more the vehicles intended to be imported must appear in a list of vehicles that the Ministry of Finance of Ecuador issues every year. For further information please contact the Ecuadorian Central Bank.

Banco Central del Ecuador
Avenida 10 de Agosto y Briceño
Quito, Ecuador
Teléfonos: (02) 583-054 / 583077 / 592562

Temporary entry of vehicles

For foreigners, vehicles and commercial equipment can be entered, in such cases when there is an agreement for these goods or services to be lent to a Public Institution or an International Organization, for the maximum interval of 3 years.

For vehicles, with tourist objectives, upon entering you must present the "Customs Passbook" known in Ecuador as "Libretas de Paso de Aduana" or it's equivalent for a period up to 90 days, which can be renewed.

The General Statues of the Organic Law of Customs says:

Article 69. - Temporary Entry of a tourism vehicle: For the temporary entry by any means of privately own automobiles for tourism purpose only, the Manager of the District of Customs will request the presentation of International Vehicle "Customs Passbook", issued by the corresponding International organization, duly recognized by the Government of Ecuador based in the application on international accords.

Article 70. - Length of stay of a tourism vehicle: The privately owned vehicles can remain in the country as long as the International Vehicle "Customs Passbook" is valid.

Article 71. - Departure of a tourism vehicle: At the moment of departure of the privately owned vehicle the Manager of the District of Customs will seal the corresponding International Vehicle "Customs Passbook" and will cancel the guarantee imposed previously.

Article 72. - Responsibility of the International organizations: The international organization that issues an International Vehicle " Customs Passbook", will become "Ipsu-jure" in co-signer's of the tributary customs obligations set forth with the temporary entry of the vehicle.


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