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Date: 15-12-2017

Simbolos Patrios

Requirements -Navigation Permit-

-Ship’s valid license

-Capitan's Name, and list of crew or passengers on board

-Letter with specification and nature of the expedition

-Letter indicating the name of the trip sponsor(s) with their address

-Letter of embarking commitment addressed to the representative(s) of the National Army, General Desk of Tourism and other national organisms according to each case, declaring that all expenses, such as transportation, accommodation on board and others, will be covered by the requestor

-Letter of commitment to deliver the results of the tour to the Tourism National Desk

-Letter of expressed commitment to follow the preservation regulations of the National Parks and nature species declared as national reserve, and to indemnify the damages they could cause.

-Letter of commitment to pay buoys and lanterns

-Letter of responsibility for any fuel leakage that the ship may cause


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