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  Fecha: 15-12-2017

Símbolos Patrios


A sample of the Ecuadorian handicrafts will be shown and sold, particularly that typical from the region of Otavalo, origin of that ancestral indigenous community, well known for its exemplar spirit of dynamism and whose members travel around the world marketing and trading their confections, fabrics, and colorful objects as part of their culture and their traditions. This opportunity will avail the indigenous representatives of this community to exhibit the handicrafts and explain the techniques and processes they use for their skilled elaborations which made them famous and prestigious internationally.

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Likewise, the folkloric music group “Sisa Pacari” www.magma.ca/~philip18/ from Otavalo will perform Ecuadorian and Latin American music with the classic Andean instruments from the Ecuadorian cordillera on the central stage of the festival's premises.

At the stand the famous music group "Kjary" will play permanently and will lead an Andean Music Workshop. They came specialy for the festival.

The Embassy will offer information about the variety of tourist attractions of Ecuador, as well as commercial information, and will present a significant photographic show of the world famous colonial churches and arts of the country.

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The Embassy of Ecuador aims to contribute to the major success of the festival that will become on this occasion a multicultural event in benefit of the friendship and solidarity of all peoples of the world.

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Quichua International will display handicrafts and will offer Tatoos in a special place at the Ecuadorian 150 square meters pavillion.

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